About Chemistry of Terpenes

Go on a detailed dive into plant Terpenes, with Dr. Jamila Owens-Todd.  Learn about the intricate nature of these molecules and how they hold so much flavor, benefits and therapeutic actions.  This course will discuss the Chemistry of Terpenes – how they show up in nature and how they can help in your health.  Understand why terpenes are important in our lives.

Course curriculum

    1. What are Terpenes?

    1. Intro + Geraniol

    2. Neurotransmitters

    3. Stevioside

    4. Artemisinin

    5. Pinene

    6. Myrcene

    7. Caryophyllene

    8. Humulene

    9. Limonene

    10. Linalool

    11. Common Terpenes and Their Smells

    12. Quiz: Therapeutic Benefits of Tepenes

    1. Considering All Components of the Plant

    2. Terpene Effects

    3. Identifying Common Cannabis Terpenes

    1. Interactive Scratch-N-Sniff Intro

    2. Interactive Scratch-N-Sniff

About this course

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  • 23 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor

Jamila Owens-Todd

Naturopathic Doctor & Instructor

Jamila Owens-Todd, Naturopathic Doctor has dedicated her life to supporting those in their healing. Her career started out as a Chemist, working in private industry; government and within the pharmaceutical industry, at a top pharmaceutical company in the Research and Development Department. She then, graduated from the four-year, Naturopathic Doctor degree program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. A Naturopathic Doctor is a teacher first, and Jamila has pledged to educate and provide insight in regaining your innate healing power. Jamila has maintained a strong commitment to science in her practice, as well as to the greater community. Jamila has blended her own herbal formulas for patients for over fifteen years and has formulated natural products. This led her to her last venture as the Research & Development Manager with a vertically integrated, Medical Cannabis operation. Jamila provides high-quality practitioner and patient education on plant medicine, cannabis safety, dosing and use and has recently joined St. Louis University’s Cannabis Science and Operations Program in Cannabis Pharmacology, as an Adjunct Professor. Jamila has operated as General Manager for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary, where she led the organization from a holistic, patient focus. Currently, In addition to providing quality holistic education and supporting patients in their healing journeys, Jamila is serving as Chief Science Officer of a Medical Cannabis manufacturer. Jamila is honored to serve on the Advisory Board for the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association (MOCANN) in addition to being a board member on JAINE, a Women In Cannabis-focused organization. Jamila has presented on a global stage on topics such as Neuroplasticity and Neurological health, The Endocannabinoid System and NeuroProtective Plants, The Treatment of Breast Cancer with Cannabis and overall Plant Medicine science. Jamila is committed to using science, in order to provide practical, reliable and accessible therapies to patients.

What Students are Saying

“It is worth taking even if you feel you know about terpenes. You'll learn something new, and well as being able to have deeper conversations with people in the industry.”

Cannabis Industry Professional

“This course provides more context to how terpenes are part of the cannabis experience to help the user heal.”


“Take notes! When you purchase flower from the dispensary, pay attention to the dominant terpenes that are in your favorite flower to determine your best healing terpenes.”

Cannabis Industry Professional

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